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Youtube Vanced

Youtube Vanced

YouTube Vanced, provides more functionality and customization possibilities. It is not on the Google Play Store but is primarily accessible through Android devices. A more sophisticated version of YouTube that makes amazing features available, including background playback, ad blocking, a dark or black theme, and many others. YouTube Vanced Apk is now the most used Android app due to its incredible features. You may download the YouTube Advanced app for Android, Mac, Smart TV, and PC on this page.


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Ads Free
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HD Quality
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Free Downloader

Background playback:

You can watch movies or listen to your favorite podcasts and MP3s using other applications, even if your phone is locked. That appears doable. Indeed, it is! Using the background player of the Vanced app, multitasking is now free. In conclusion, launch the app, use the rock player to play a movie or song, then exit it and go through your other apps. The song or video will continue to play in the background, so don’t worry. Download YouTube Vanced APK, quickly and easily install it, and then use this fantastic feature to enjoy your favorite music or videos.

Background playback:

Block Ads:

using the ad blocker on the cutting-edge YouTube app. The unpleasant commercial breaks in the middle of the movies are no longer present, so you may explore and watch your favorite videos without worry. To enjoy live ad-free streaming, fast and easily install YouTube Vanced APK. To enjoy live ad-free streaming, fast and easily install YouTube Vanced APK Installation of the Advanced Manager APK is no longer required.

Block Ads:

Video Downloader:

Choose the movie or mp3 quality you want to download to your phone with pleasure. With the help of Vanced YouTube’s built-in video downloader, you can now watch movies or download MP3s for offline use directly to the local storage on your device. Install YouTube Vanced APK as soon as possible. Downloading the Vanced Management APK is no longer necessary.

Video Downloader:


1 Is YouTube Vanced legal?
Yes, YouTube Vanced is legal because it is a modified version of the original YouTube app and does not obstruct adverts or offer extra features unauthorizedly.
2 Is using YouTube Vanced secure?
Yeah, using YouTube Vanced is generally safe. To be safe, download updates from known sources and only from a reputable source while downloading the software.
3 Can iOS devices run YouTube Vanced?
No, only Android-based smartphones can use YouTube Vanced. But, iOS users can download comparable apps like YouTube++ and Cercube.
4 Do I need to root my Android device to utilize YouTube Vanced?
No, you can use YouTube Vanced without rooting your Android device. The program is available for download in both rooted and non-rooted versions.
5 How can YouTube Vanced be updated?
By getting the most recent version of the software from a reliable source and replacing the older one with it, you may upgrade YouTube Vanced. Alternatively, you can turn on automatic updates in the app’s settings.
Youtube Vanced


A modified version of the original YouTube app is called YouTube Vanced. Millions of users enjoy using its many great features. For instance, you can view as many videos as you like for free on this Pikashow app without any sponsors or adverts. This Team Vanced-made application is freely available for download or installation. Developer and seasoned XDA member Rafalete improved the original YouTube app by adding features like Sponsor Block, Mail YouTube Dislike, and amazing Customization. This app is also known as YouTube Vanced because it allows you to view without commercials for free. Using Vanced, the built-in YouTube app for Android, has also been enhanced. Includes several features, such as ad-blocking and background playback. By using the Vanced Management software, YouTube Vanced may be installed quickly.

What is YouTube Vanced APK?

YouTube Advanced used ad filtering to stop unwanted or free advertisements. Your browsing will be considerably improved. Get the most recent version of the advanced mod for YouTube to make your YouTube faster. The concept of the project depends on an Xposed Module for YouTube Video Playback. Advanced YouTube managers can also access YouTube. You can utilize the advanced manager and the sophisticated YouTube app.



It allows you to override codec preferences, e.g., forcing VP9 or H.264 on old hardware. You can force 60 frames per second or HDR to stop if you want to watch more film. It allows you to adjust the fundamental video quality as low or high as you’d like and vary the screen resolution for crystal-clear 4K viewing on any device. The normal playback speed is between 0.25x and 2x. Turning on and off home ads, product ads, UI ads, social postings, compact movies, removing them from movie shelves, compact banners, removing comments, and much more!


YouTube offers the same theme every day, such as white and black. Only these topics are losing the attention of YouTube users. You may enjoy more themes now that YouTube Vanced APK includes black, dark, and white alternatives. Using the black and dark theme may result in a 20% reduction in battery life on mobile devices.

Swipe Control:

With only one swipe, you can change the volume and brightness of the display. Several video-sharing platforms, such as MX Player, include features akin to this one. A swipe is necessary to change the screen’s brightness and music. The brightness can now be changed without using the device notification panel.

The Image inside Image:

PIP mode, often known as the picture-in-picture mode, allows you to run YouTube Advanced while using other programs and obtain a separate presentation of YouTube.PIP mode is only available on YouTube Vanced, so download it today to benefit from it.


By using the official YouTube, the auto-repeat feature is not accessible. To replay the very beginning, we must restart the video. But, this issue has been rectified owing to the auto-repeat option in the YouTube Vanced APK

Button to Return a Dislike:

Many people know that the “dislike” button was removed from YouTube’s software upgrade. Use YouTube Vanced APK to add the dislike button to each video since it is hidden from view. As a result, it will be simple to examine the specific dislike count for each video.

Requirements for YouTube Vanced:

  • A phone or tablet running Android 4.4 or a higher version.
  • Applications from stores other than the Google Play Store must be able to be installed on the device.
  • Before installing YouTube Vanced, the device must have the official YouTube app removed.
  • The device must have at least 50 MB of free storage.
  • Stable internet connection for functions like downloading and streaming videos.
  • The smartphone must have enough memory to run the app’s features, especially the resource-intensive ones like picture-in-picture mode and background playback.

Key Features OF YouTube Vanced:

  1. All ad kinds, including banner advertisements, sponsored content, and video adverts, are blocked by YouTube Vanced.
  2. YouTube videos can be played in the background while you use other apps on your device.
  3. With this function, you can browse other apps on your iPhone while watching movies in a smaller window.
  4. You may select from several themes and color schemes to alter how the app looks.
  5. Users of high-end devices or those with poor internet connections may find it handy since YouTube Vanced allows them to overcome the maximum resolution of videos.
  6. If you wish to listen to music or other audio content continuously, this feature makes it possible to play a video repeatedly.
  7. YouTube Vanced’s swipe controls let you adjust a video’s brightness and volume by moving your finger up or down on the screen.
  8. When a video or playlist reaches the finish, you can tell YouTube Vanced to repeat it automatically.
  9. You can download YouTube videos to view offline without any restrictions.
  10. The ability to play only the audio from a video is known as audio-only mode, and it can be beneficial for listening to podcasts or music.
  11. YouTube Vanced hides video names and thumbnails to prevent TV episodes or movie spoilers.
  12. For devices that can handle it, YouTube Vanced enables HDR playback, giving users a more immersive viewing experience.

How to Download and Install YouTube Vanced APk:

Step1: You must install microG on your smartphone before installing the YouTube advanced apk. MicroG is a service that enables you to sign in to your Google account from YouTube Advanced because Google does not permit you to do so.

Step2: You now have an easy time, thanks to the developers. You may now install YouTube Vanced and microG from the same program, Vanced Management. Download Youtube Vanced management apk file, install it, and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Step3: Scroll down for instructions if it’s your first time downloading an app (apk file) from a source other than the Google Play store.


YouTube Vanced is a modified version of the primary YouTube app that gives Android users access to more features and customization options. The user experience is improved withfeatures like ad blocking, background playback, picture-in-picture mode, custom themes, overriding the maximum resolution, repeat video, and others. Although not accessible through the Google Play Store, downloading YouTube Vanced from reliable sources is generally safe and legal. You may download both rooted and non-rooted versions of YouTube Vanced, so you don’t need to root your Android device.